Paul's Product Portfolio

These are some of the products I have had a hand in developing over the years. Click on the images for more information about the companies, the products and my contributions.

Nintendo Power Glove (Nintendo) Power Glove (1988) After Science, A.G.E., Mattel, Inc.

TNT Toilet Knife Switch Screen Toyz (1995)Creative Insights, Inc. (Contango Inc.)

Prommer Prommer (1985) Oberheim Electronics, Inc.

PDS Keyboard Piano Discovery System Keyboard (1995) Creative Insights, Inc. (Jump Music)

Miracle Miracle Piano Keyboard (1989) After Science, (The Software Toolworks)

GZ-1000 GZ-1000 MIDI Control System (1987) After Science, Keyboard Technologies, Inc.

ADD-Drive ADD-Drive (1986) Fast Forward Designs (Dynacord)

Software Software Products (1990 to present)