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Oberheim DX MIDI Upgrade

A MIDI upgrade for all non-MIDI Oberheim DX and Stretch drum machines is now available from Electrongate!

This upgrade adds MIDI input and output capability and additional clocking options to your DX. When installed, your DX will send and receive MIDI note-on/note-off messages, system exclusive sequence dump messages and MIDI clock, song select, start and stop messages. MIDI input and output jacks are added to the right side panel of the DX and a circuit board is installed inside. (The MIDI upgrade can be mounted on top of the sync-to-tape circuit board, if your machine has that option).

This interface will make your DX functionally equivalent to the Oberheim DXa.

You can download a copy of the DXa manual which covers most of the new features of this upgrade here: DX User Manual

of DX MIDI circuit board
    Upgrade options:
  • Basic upgrade: $99. MIDI upgrade for the DX. Includes assembled circuit board, cables and MIDI jack plate. You will need to make a hole in the end panel to mount the MIDI jacks (see this drawing for details).
  • Stretch version: $99 Be sure to specify the Stretch version if you are upgrading a Stretch DX. Includes modifications to improve reliability and re-route the long ribbon cables used on the Stretch.
  • MRAM option: Add $140 Adds magnetic RAM to eliminate the need to ever replace the battery again. Also adds an option for up to eight separate banks of memory, each capable of the full standard capacity of the DX. See the MRAM page for more information on bank switching options.
  • Walnut end panel upgrade: Add $50. Replace the plastic DX end panels with solid walnut panels like those used on the DMX. Two panels (with MIDI jack plate installed on the right side panel).
Do-it-yourself requirements
To install the DX upgrade yourself, you will need the following tools:
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • 1/4 inch nutdriver
  • Small flat-blade screwdriver, or IC chip puller tool
No soldering required!

See this page for detailed installation instructions.

Video showing installation process.

Ordering Information
All orders must be prepaid by check, money order or PayPal. You may use the PayPal shopping cart (below), or you may make your payment in care of pjwhite@electrongate.com. Include your shipping address, specify that payment is for the "DX MIDI Upgrade", and let us know which option(s) you would like.

Contact Paul J. White for more information.

PayPal Shopping Cart

DX MIDI Kit $99
DX Stretch MIDI Kit $99
Walnut end panel option $50
Two new, prefinished real walnut end panels, one with MIDI jacks mounted.
Magnetic RAM option $140 when purchased together with DX MIDI kit, or for use with a previously installed Electrongate MIDI upgrade.
Extra label set $5
Vinyl adhesive backed stickers to label the new functions of the DX with MIDI. The MIDI upgrade comes with one of these, but you can order an extra one in case the original is damaged or otherwise needs replacement.

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