DMX and DX EPROM Images

These files are exact binary images of the original Oberheim drum sound chips, suitable for making duplicate EPROMS. You may download these files for your own personal use.

I would like to make this collection of sounds more complete, so if you have an Oberheim DMX, DX or Stretch DX with sounds other than those listed here, and would like to contribute to this archive, please contact me by e-mail.

Thanks to Brad Kraft for supplying many of the DX sound images!

Download the files listed in the Download column and program them onto the type of EPROMs indicated. (In most web browsers, you can right-click or hold down the shift key while you click the link to bring up a "Save As" menu). To preview the sounds, click on the link in the WAV File column to play WAV file versions of the sounds. Note: The WAV files were converted directly from the binary EPROM files, and do not have any filtering or envelope effects which you would hear when listening to the audio output of the DMX.

Shorter sounds can be used on larger EPROMs by filling unused space in the EPROM with zeroes (silence). Single EPROM sounds can be used in a DMX or DX multi-EPROM cymbal voice by filling the unused EPROM sockets with "silent" EPROMs, filled entirely with zeroes. If you leave the unused sockets empty, there will be a lound thump at the end of the sound. You should be able to use your device programmer software to create such a silent EPROM (which is not the same as an erased EPROM, since the erased state of an EPROM is to have all byte locations filled with 0xFF). But for convenience, two silent bin files are listed at the end of this file.

Longer sounds on a smaller EPROM are possible, but the sound will be truncated and probably not sound very good.

Stock DMX Sounds

Description EPROM File size Download file WAV File 1 WAV File 2
DMX Kick 2732 4096 bytes 21KICK.BIN Kick  
DMX Snare 2732 4096 bytes SNARE6.BIN Snare  
DMX Hi-Hat 2732 4096 bytes HAT1A.BIN Hi-Hat  
DMX Small Toms * 2732 4096 bytes STOM5.BIN Small Tom  
DMX Large Toms * 2732 4096 bytes SFLTOM2.BIN Large Tom  
DMX Percussion 1 - Tambourine/Rimshot 2732 4096 bytes STIK.BIN Tambourine Rimshot
DMX Percussion 2 - Shaker/Claps 2732 4096 bytes SHAKE6.BIN Shaker Handclaps
* Later DMX models used the "DX Tom" sample in 1675/1677 voice cards for both Tom slots; see below.

Standard DMX Cymbals

Description EPROM File size Download file WAV File
DMX Ride2A 1 of 4 2732 4096 bytes RIDE2A1.BIN Ride Cymbal
DMX Ride2A 2 of 4 2732 4096 bytes RIDE2A2.BIN  
DMX Ride2A 3 of 4 2732 4096 bytes RIDE2A3.BIN  
DMX Ride2A 4 of 4 2732 4096 bytes RIDE2A4.BIN  
DMX Crash 1 of 4 2732 4096 bytes CRASH1.BIN Crash Cymbal
DMX Crash 2 of 4 2732 4096 bytes CRASH2.BIN  
DMX Crash 3 of 4 2732 4096 bytes CRASH3.BIN  
DMX Crash 4 of 4 2732 4096 bytes CRASH4.BIN  

New DMX Cymbals/DX Cymbals

The following sounds are from a later version of the DMX cymbal card. These are the same cymbal sounds used in the Oberheim DX.

Description EPROM File size Download file WAV File
DMX Cymbal/3 Ride 1 of 4 2764 8192 bytes PERID50.BIN Ride Cymbal
DMX Cymbal/3 Ride 2 of 4 2764 8192 bytes PERID51.BIN  
DMX Cymbal/3 Ride 3 of 4 2764 8192 bytes PERID52.BIN  
DMX Cymbal/3 Ride 4 of 4 2764 8192 bytes PERID53.BIN  
DMX Cymbal/3 Crash 1 of 4 2764 8192 bytes DXCR1F0.BIN Crash Cymbal
DMX Cymbal/3 Crash 2 of 4 2764 8192 bytes DXCR1F1.BIN  
DMX Cymbal/3 Crash 3 of 4 2764 8192 bytes DXCR1F2.BIN  
DMX Cymbal/3 Crash 4 of 4 2764 8192 bytes DXCR1F3.BIN  

Stock DX Sounds

Description EPROM File size Download file WAV File 1 WAV File 2
Kick 64 (Same sound as DMX Kick) 2764 8192 bytes KICK64.BIN Kick 64  
DX Snare 2764 8192 bytes DXSNARE.BIN DX Snare  
DX Hi-Hat 2764 8192 bytes DXHATS.BIN Hi-Hat  
DX Tom 2764 8192 bytes DXTOM.BIN DX Tom  
DX Shake 2764 8192 bytes DXSHAKE.BIN Handclap Shaker

Other Sounds

Description EPROM File size Download file WAV File 1 WAV File 2
DX Conga 2764 8192 bytes CONGA.BIN Conga  
Fat Snare 2764 8192 bytes FATSNARE.BIN Fat Snare  
Reggae Snare 2764 8192 bytes REGSNAR.BIN Reggae Snare  
Timbale 2764 8192 bytes TIMBALE.BIN Timbale  
DX Cowbell 2764 8192 bytes dxcowbel.bin Cowbell  
DX Tambourine/Rimshot 2764 8192 bytes TAMBRIM.BIN Tambourine Rimshot
DMX Cowbell/Claves 2732 4096 bytes COWBCLAV.BIN Cowbell Claves
DMX Click/Clap 2732 4096 bytes CLIKCLAP.BIN Click Handclap
DMX Old style Shaker/Claps 2732 4096 bytes SHAKE1.BIN Old Shaker Old Handclaps
Conga 2732 4096 bytes OLCNGA.BIN Conga 1  
Claves (4K): Longer sample than standard 2732 4096 bytes CLAVE915.BIN Claves  
DX Tom 1 of 2 2732 4096 bytes DXTOMA.BIN DX Tom  
DX Tom 2 of 2 2732 4096 bytes DXTOMB.BIN    
Beat Kick 2764 8192 bytes beatkick.bin Beat Kick  
Beat Snare 2764 8192 bytes beatsnar.bin Beat Snare  
Punch 2764 8192 bytes punch.bin Punch  
Bones 2764 8192 bytes BONES.BIN Bones  
Shot 2764 8192 bytes SHOT.BIN Shot  
Long Noise 1 of 2 2764 8192 bytes LNOISE0.BIN LNoise  
Long Noise 2 of 2 2764 8192 bytes LNOISE1.BIN    
Long Hi Hat 1 of 2 2764 8192 bytes LONGHAT0.BIN Longhat  
Long Hi Hat 2 of 2 2764 8192 bytes LONGHAT1.BIN    
Scratch 2764 8192 bytes SCRATCH.BIN Scratch  
Electric Kick 2764 8192 bytes ELKICK3.BIN ElKick3  
Electric Snare 2764 8192 bytes ELECSNAR.BIN Electric Snare  
Electric Snare 3 2764 8192 bytes ELSNAR3.BIN ElSnar3  
Electric Tom 3 2764 8192 bytes ELTOM3.BIN ElTom3  
Silence (4k) 2732 4096 bytes silent4k.bin    
Silence (8k) 2764 8192 bytes silent8k.bin    

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