Drumtraks EPROM Images

These files are exact binary images of Drumtraks (and other) sound chips, suitable for making duplicate EPROMS. You may download these files for your own personal use.

Thanks to Christian Feyer, Scott Meisburger and Laurent Prot for supplying the Drumtraks sound images!

These EPROM images will also work in the Oberheim DX or DMX and Linn drum machines.

Download the files listed in the Download column and program them onto the type of EPROMs indicated. (In most web browsers, you can right-click or hold down the shift key while you click the link to bring up a "Save As" menu). To preview the sounds, click on the link in the WAV File column to play WAV file versions of the sounds. Note: The WAV files were converted directly from the binary EPROM files, and do not have any filtering or envelope effects which you would hear when listening to the audio output of the drum machine

Note: A few of these samples seem to be exact copies of Oberheim samples.

Drumtraks Sounds

Description EPROM File size Download file WAV File
Wood Block / African Bell 2764 8192 bytes wood_block_african_bell.BIN  
Wood Block 2732 4096 bytes WOODBLK.BIN Wood Block
African Bell 2732 4096 bytes AF_BELL.BIN African Bell
Bass Drum 2732 4096 bytes SCI_BASS.BIN Bass Drum
Conga Slap / Agogo Bell 2764 8192 bytes conga_slap_ago_bell.BIN  
Conga Slap 2732 4096 bytes CONGSLAP.BIN Conga Slap
Agogo Bell 2732 4096 bytes AGOGO.BIN Agogo Bell
Crash Cymbal 27256 32768 bytes sci_crash.BIN Crash Cymbal
Crash Cymbal 1 of 4 2764 8192 bytes sci_crash1.BIN  
Crash Cymbal 2 of 4 2764 8192 bytes sci_crash2.BIN  
Crash Cymbal 3 of 4 2764 8192 bytes sci_crash3.BIN  
Crash Cymbal 4 of 4 2764 8192 bytes sci_crash4.BIN  
Hi Hat 2764 8192 bytes SCI_HAT.BIN Hi Hat
Mouth click / Finger Snaps 2764 8192 bytes mouth_click_snaps.BIN  
Mouth Click 2732 4096 bytes MOUTH.BIN Mouth Click
Finger Snaps 2732 4096 bytes SNAPS.BIN Snaps
Perc1 (Hand Claps / Tambourine) 2764 8192 bytes SCI_PERC1.BIN  
Hand Claps 2732 4096 bytes SCI_PERC1A.BIN Hand claps
Tambourine 2732 4096 bytes SCI_PERC1B.BIN Tambourine
Perc2 (Cowbell / Shaker) 2764 8192 bytes SCI_PERC2.BIN  
Cowbell 2732 4096 bytes SCI_PERC2A.BIN Cowbell
Shaker 2732 4096 bytes SCI_PERC2B.BIN Shaker
Ride Cymbal 27256 32768 bytes sci_ride.BIN Ride Cymbal
Ride Cymbal 1 of 4 2764 8192 bytes sci_ride1.BIN  
Ride Cymbal 2 of 4 2764 8192 bytes sci_ride2.BIN  
Ride Cymbal 3 of 4 2764 8192 bytes sci_ride3.BIN  
Ride Cymbal 4 of 4 2764 8192 bytes sci_ride4.BIN  
Snare / Rim shot 2764 8192 bytes SCI_SNRIM.BIN  
Snare 2732 4096 bytes SCI_SNARE.BIN Snare
Rim Shot 2732 4096 bytes SCI_RIM.BIN Rim
Talking Drum 2764 8192 bytes talking_drum.BIN Talking Drum
Timpani 2764 8192 bytes timpani.BIN Timpani
Tom 2764 8192 bytes SCI_TOM.BIN Tom

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